Call for Awards Asian-Pgpr-admin February 10, 2024

Call for Asian PGPR India Chapter Awards

The Asian PGPR Society India Chapter grants the following awards and honours to a current Asian PGPR Society Life Member in recognition of distinguished contributions to PGPR’s original research, teaching, administration, professional and public service, and/or extension and outreach or to the society. Additionally, ​ Asian PGPR supports future leaders along with innovative research in PGPR product development and international activities​through industry supported funds.

  • Best Young & Senior Scientist
  • Best Women Young & Senior Scientist
  • Best Entrepreneur & Best Start-up
  • Best Social Worker
  • Life-time Achievement
  • Excellence in Research & Extension
  • Excellence in Industry
  • Excellence in Regulatory Affairs and Crop Security
  • Excellence in Teaching & Administration
  • Progressive Farmers
  • Asian PGPR Society Services

General Instructions

Current Asian PGPR Life membership and participation as a delegate with paid registration required for these awards. Each member of the society may nominate one candidate for each of the above awards. Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in his/her specific area of expertise. The nomination packet must include the following supporting material: A nomination statement not to exceed 1,000 words that highlights the contributions of the candidate and includes the candidate’s name, place of birth, and institutions, with degrees and years granted, as well as current position. The statement should be focused and succinct and document the relevancy and impact of the candidate’s contributions to the advancement of science in PGPR’s. 
  1. Curriculum vitae not to exceed two pages. 
  2. A complete list of publications. The list should be separated into the following categories, with most recent publications first. Abstracts and manuscripts not yet accepted should not be included.
    • ​​​​Refereed journal articles and extension publications.
    • Books, reviews, book chapters, and etc.
    • Technical publications (e.g., monographs, reports, symposium papers, proceedings, etc.).
    • Popular publications and Invited presentations.

Nomination Deadline

Award Nominations are Open till May 30, 2024. 
The Awards and Honors Committee will submit their findings to PGPR Society Council for scrutiny. Those receiving awards will be notified by the Society Chairman by end of June 2024 and will be awarded during the Conference Gala Dinner on July 30, 2024 at Bharathiar University. ​Nominations must be submitted via email to Dr. P. Ponmurugan (Email: [email protected]) for compilation and transmission to the awards committee.