Asian PGPR Society for Sustainable Agriculture Asian-Pgpr-admin February 7, 2024
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Asian PGPR Society for Sustainable Agriculture

The Asian PGPR Society is a non-profit scientific society established in 2009 to enable scientists, researchers, academicians, government groups, students, farmers, industry personnel etc. from various agricultural disciplines to discuss their interests and research avenues towards latest developments of PGPR from microbe to microbiome technologies with commercialization aspects. It has 1500 registered life members from around the globe and is growing. PGPR’s are plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria defined as root-colonizing bacteria that exert beneficial traits on plant-growth and development.

In the context of an increasing International concern for food and environmental safety, the use of PGPR for reducing chemical inputs in agriculture is a potentially important issue. The application and commercialization of PGPR for sustainable agriculture is a growing and demanding market concern world-wide. The Asian PGPR Society organizes International conferences every two years, to provide a venue for all players in the PGPR industry to meet, share and learn about the latest game- changing innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and crucial government policies shaping the future of the globe’s sustainable agriculture.