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9th Asian PGPR India Chapter National Conference - 2024

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you on behalf of the Asian PGPR Society and its Indian Chapter for Sustainable Agriculture to the 9th Asian PGPR India Chapter National Conference on “The Beneficial Microbes as Integrated Approach for Sustainable Agriculture: Opportunities & Challenges” scheduled to be held from 29-30 July, 2024 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.This conference is being organized in collaboration with Asian PGPR Society for Sustainable Agriculture supported by various educational, industrial, entrepreneurial and media partners. 

As PGPR associated technologies are currently experiencing a dramatic increase, research on the interactions between PGPR and crops has become vital and is considered to play a key role for the future of sustainable and organic agriculture. PGPR shows a significant role in the sustainable agriculture that can increase the demand for crop production with a considerable reduction of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides use is a big challenge nowadays.This conference pays tribute to the growing significance of bio-fertilizers, bio-fungicides, bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants, bio-herbicides, bio-nematicides, etc. while, identifying newly emerging technologies in the league. Hence, we cordially welcome you to join us and witness the advances in agriculture on the use of PGPR strategies to the next generation of green revolution in safe food production.

 In this conference, we bring together the academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, progressive farmers and Government officials comprising a core team of technical experts from across India to deliberate and understand the strengths and weaknesses in developing PGPR associated technologies for use by farming communities across the country.The outputs would form a strong foundation in addressing the issues of global food security in terms of using PGPR associated technologies from lab to field. The agenda of the 9th Asian PGPR Indian Chapter National conference is to create a good platform for scientific deliberations and discussions on PGPR research by means of national and global networking between academia and industry visionaries. In addition, nationally renowned speakers, academicians, industrialists and policy makers those who are doing research on PGPR have been invited for research collaboration in sustainable agriculture which in turn useful for entrepreneurial opportunity for young minds.


Salient Features

Conference Themes

Call for Abstracts/Papers

The Original Research Papers/Abstracts/ Conceptual Papers Related to the Conference Themes are Invited from all the Stakeholders viz., Students, Faculties of SAU’s/ICAR Institutes, and PSUs/ Companies/ Private Organizations. The Soft Copy of the Papers Both Abstract and Full-Length Papers should be Sent to the Organizers of the Conference on or before 10 July, 2024 via E-mail at:[email protected] and also submit online at www.asianpgprconference2024.org. The Awards will be Provided for Best Paper and Poster Presentations Selected by a Panel of Judges. All Other Registered Candidates would be Awarded with Participation Certificate.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Based on the above Conference themes, abstracts and full-length papers are invited and written clearly in English and submitted on or before 10 July, 2024.

  • Abstracts must report the results of the original research or other activity of significant merit related to PGPR microbiome and its allied fields.
  • Abstracts should not exceed 300 words. It must be typed in Times New Roman, font 12, 1.0 spacing and submitted as a word document with no grammatical, typographical or factual errors.
  • Title of abstracts followed by full names (without using titles such as Mr./Mrs./Dr. etc.) of author(s) along with the address of the affiliated institute should be mentioned. In case of two or more authors the presenting author should be marked with an asterisk (*) and his/her email should be mentioned.
  • Peer reviewed and selected abstracts would be invited for lead and oral presentation.
New life sprouts from green seedling in nature ,generative artificial intelligence

Asian PGPR India Chapter 

Conference Proceedings

The Participants are Requested to Send their Full Paper Directly as We Indent to Publish the Full Proceedings with ISBN by Renowned Publisher and Release the same During Inaugural Function of the Conference. The Full-Length Paper Should not Exceed 10 Pages Including Tables, Figures and References. The Content Should be Typed in Microsoft (MS) Word (Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5), Highlighting the Results of Original Research Work in the Following Format: Title; Author(s) Name and Affiliation (Address of the Institution with E-Mail ID of Corresponding Author etc. Presenting Author should be Indicated With an Asterisk (*) Symbol. Title, Author’s Name and Affiliation Should be Center Aligned. Keywords Should be Limited to 5.

  • Full paper should have the sequence of title of the paper with author(s) name, affiliation with e-mail ID, abstract (not exceeding 300 words) with key words, followed by Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, References as per format shown below [limit the references to 10-15].
  • Cite references in the text as: (Marimuthu, 2010) or Marimuthu and Nakkeeran, 2012 or when more than two authors- (Kannaiyan et al., 2011). Do not give serial numbers for references listed in the text.
  • List references in alphabetical order [No serial number]

How to Cite References

All initials to be at the end of author’s name, give full name of journal.

To Cite Journals

Gayathri, J., Kasipandi, M., Ashwini, L.M. Gayathri, N. and Parimelazhagan, T. 2022. Understanding the bioaccessibility, α-amylase and α-glucosidase enzyme inhibition kinetics of Allmania nodiflora. Food Chemistry. 372: 131- 139.

To Cite Proceedings / Book Chapters

Shaikh, S.S., Sayyed , R.Z. and Reddy, M.S. 2016. Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria In: (Eds.) K.R. Hakeem et al., Plant, Soil and Microbes. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 181-201.

To Cite Books

Ponmurugan, P. and Deepa, M.A. 2022. Herbal Technology. New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, India 410p.

Call for Asian PGPR India Chapter Awards

The Asian PGPR Society India Chapter grants the following awards and honours to a current Asian PGPR Society Life Member in recognition of distinguished contributions to PGPR’s original research, teaching, administration, professional and public service, and/or extension and outreach or to the society. Additionally, ​ Asian PGPR supports future leaders along with innovative research in PGPR product development and international activities​through industry supported funds.


General Instructions

Current Asian PGPR Life membership and participation as a delegate with paid registration required for these awards. Each member of the society may nominate one candidate for each of the above awards. Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in his/her specific area of expertise. The nomination packet must include the following supporting material:

A nomination statement not to exceed 1,000 words that highlights the contributions of the candidate and includes the candidate’s name, place of birth, and institutions, with degrees and years granted, as well as current position. The statement should be focused and succinct and document the relevancy and impact of the candidate’s contributions to the advancement of science in PGPR’s. 

  1. Curriculum vitae not to exceed two pages. 
  2. A complete list of publications. The list should be separated into the following categories, with most recent publications first. Abstracts and manuscripts not yet accepted should not be included.
  3. ​​​​Refereed journal articles and extension publications.
  4. Books, reviews, book chapters, and etc.
  5. Technical publications (e.g., monographs, reports, symposium papers, proceedings, etc.).
  6. Popular publications and Invited presentations.


Nomination Deadline

Award Nominations is Open till 
May 30, 2024. 
The Awards and Honors Committee will submit their findings to PGPR Society Council for scrutiny. Those receiving awards will be notified by the Society Chairman by end of June 2024 and will be awarded during the Conference Gala Dinner on July 30, 2024 at Bharathiar University. ​Nominations must be submitted via email to Dr. P. Ponmurugan (Email: [email protected]) for compilation and transmission to the awards committee.
Oral & Poster Presentations
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